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Cosplay - Rules - CS2023

DEADLINE: 18.9.2023

CONTACT: cosplay.csas@gmail.com

Cosplay name is derived from the words costume and play and shall be understood as the pursuit of the most perfect portrayal of fictional or real characters. Cosplaying on Comics Salon is welcome and not subjected to participation in the competition. In case you want to participate, please read and follow the following rules.

1. Contestants in Cosplay competition, who will present themselves at the stage will get their tickets refunded after the competition by the organizer of the cosplay competition.
2. Competitors will dress up as a character of their own choosing. The character must be in the genre of the CS / AS.
3. Cosplaying as your own, random or original characters (such as the girl with cat ears, your actual school uniform), or wearing a particular fashion style (Lolita, visual kei, etc.) is not considered as cosplay and therefore is not allowed in the contest.
4. The character design must be suitable for young spectators - no nudity
5. Competitors must have a self-sewn costume. Contestants may use purchased articles of clothing (eg. Trousers), but they may not constitute more than 50% of the costume. Help in the production of costume provided by another party is allowed, but it is expected that you do most of the work. If you are not sure whether your cosplay complies with the rules or not, contact the organizers at the bottom of the e-mail. The organizer reserves the right to disqualify any contestant that is suspected to have purchased / ordered the costume. To confirm that you have read the rules, please, put the following words into mail subject: cosplay contest AS 22
6. Both individuals and groups are allowed to compete. A group cosplay entry will be assessed as a whole and in the case of the placing will receive one prize. This information must be however reported in advance. The number of members in the group is limited to 3
7. Each competitor may compete in only one costume. He may be involved in the creation of several costumes, but may be wearing only one during the competition. Costume change is permitted as long as it the character stays the same, only wearing a different costumes, and/or in case they form a whole. (Changes may be performed on the stage as part of your presentation. Eg. Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXnaSYDEMM0)
8. There will be children in the audience, so please, do behave properly while on the stage. You can be disqualified, or otherwise penalized for use of slurs, sexual innuendos, rude gestures, threats or intentional showing of underwear on stage.
9. The costume may not include any functional weapon or weapons that could be regarded as a functioning (airsoft guns, sharp blades of swords etc.). For questions regarding the weaponry, please, contact the organizer at the bottom by email.
10. You are not allowed to sign up for the competition with a cosplay you have already competed in during one of the previous editions of Comics Salon or AnimeSHOW.
11. Because of limited time for the Cosplay competition at stage, the organizers of the cosplay competition reserve the right to do a preliminary round during saturday, IF more than 35 contestants will participate. In this case you will be informed well ahead by email.

Cosplay competition will take place in two parts. Guest jury (in the morning) and costume demonstration in front of the audience (in the afternoon).

The competition
1. The first part of the competition will be held on Saturday morning (exact time and place will be sent to the contestants in time via email / social networking). Contestants will gradually appear before a professional jury, which will be able to look at the costume closely, evaluate the technical merit and ask for details of production. The duration of this cosplay competition will depend on the number of registered competitors.
2. During the cosplay competition there will not be any discussions among the competitors. Moderator shall only present the competitor.
3. Competitors are advised to deliver music of their own choice for a period of 2 minutes (+1 minute per other groupmember). Spoken word (directly into the microphone) is not allowed. However, the spoken word can be included directly in the record that the contestant sent to the organizer.
4. Competitors come on stage with the beginning of his music (or when presenter by moderator). The contestants will receive their numbers in advance.
5. Competitors must send the picture / pictures of the character in sufficient quality. These will be screened in the background when the contestant is on stage. Videos are not allowed.

1. The first three places will be awarded based on voting viewers.
2. Jury Award:
Jury consisting of 5-judges awards prizes in 5 cathegories:
A> Best Needlework
B> Best Makeup
C> Best Armor
D> Best Special effects
E> Best Roleplay

EUROCOSPLAY/COSPLAY CHAMPIONS> The jury also picks the winner who wins the slovak qualifier round and becomes Slovak representative in international competition Eurocosplay/Cosplay Champions.

You can register at: cosplay.csas@gmail.com till deadline, until midnight. Applications sent after this date will not be accepted.

Your e-mail must contain:
1. Properly filled subject of the email
2. Your name / nickname, name of the group
3. Pronunciation of name / nickname
4. Name of the characters / figures
5. Pronunciation of the names of characters / figures
6. The title of anime / games the character / characters come from
7. Type of media where the character comes from (game, anime, comics ...)
8. Eurocosplay/Cosplay Champions (if you want to participate, write "yes". If you are in a group of several who wish to participate, write the names of people who want to participate in this evaluation. Confirm that your cosplay complies with the rules, you have more than 18 years and are citizen(s) of the Slovak Republic. Remember that separate rules apply to Eurocosplay/Cosplay Champions patricipation.)
9. E-mail address from which you send an email and you will be sent information to. If possible contact on Facebook (you will be added to the secret group, which will be addressed further information about the competition) in the case of a group, just one contact of a responsible person who will give the information to other members of the group.
10. In Annex to the email:
a. One picture of the character / characters in sufficient quality (The clothes of the character must be properly shown). For groups, please, also send only one picture containing all the characters (if you are having trouble with it, state so in the email and send pictures of the characters in the Annex respectively).
b. Music (mp3 file, youtube link will not be treated as a proper supply of music). Make sure the music is of sufficient quality (sufficient volume, without noise etc.) Music will be played from the time of 0:00, at the beginning of the song.

All competitors must also report at the information stand of CS / AS by Friday, to 20:00, to confirm that they really will participate in the competition. In case you will not yet be present on Friday, report this information to the organizer no later than Thursday, You will receive more information by mail / on Facebook.

The organizer reserves the right to any changes according to the situation. The contestants will be informed of said changes by email / facebook, if possible.

DEADLINE: 18.9.2023

CONTACT: cosplay.csas@gmail.com

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