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Cosplay Champions - CS2023

DEADLINE: 18.9.2023

CONTACT: cosplay.csas@gmail.com

This year AnimeSHOW registered in Cosplay Champions 2020 competition, which will be held in september in Vienna as part of AniNite.

What is it about?
Cosplay Champions consists of series of regional qualifying competitions and winners will attend a finale, which will be held every year in a different country. This year during AniNite in Vienna in September 2019.
Each registered festival selects one winner to represent it in the final. The cost of travel and accommodation for the European finals will be refunded.

Who can participate?
- Any cosplayer who has a self-made costume. Purchased accessories, wigs and shoes are allowed. Most of the costume must be handmade.
- Cosplay MUST be illustrated or have animated source (anime, manga, games, etc.).
- Only persons over 18 years.

What is a self-made costume and why can not I have bought clothes?
- Your costume cannot contain purchased articles of clothing, such as trousers, shirt, coat etc. (Except for underwear and accessories (see. Section above)).
- Costume must not contain modifed pieces of clothing such as: modified T-shirt, trousers, jacket etc.
- Cosplay Champions is the competition of costumes, character portrayal and skills. Costume creation should show what you can do, not what you can buy.

How will the representative of the CC in 2020 be chosen?
Given the differences in the rules of cosplay competitions of Cosplay Champions, AnimeSHOW the representative will be selected by a jury from among participants fulfilling the rules and he will be declared out of order determined by voting audience in the cosplay competition at AS 2020. The jury will select one winner for the AS2020.

What will be assessed?
The professional jury will evaluate the quality of workmanship, the similarity with the character, complexity and overall impression. The decision of the jury is final.

Why only 18 years?
Because it is stated so in the rules of Cosplay Champions. Nobody will take responsibility for minors.

What gets a Slovak representative?
In addition to reimbursement of airfare, accommodations and admission to AniNite, the winner can be accompanied by another person whom will also receive free admission.

A piece of advice at the end?
When preparing your costume, keep in mind that the processing and quality of the costume will also be part of evaluation. Do avoid cheap-looking materials (polystyrene etc.), poor needlework (Ex. crooked seams, ripping a few places) and pay attention to detail and accessory (shoes, wigs and other small things you consider irrelevant). The competition in the rest of Europe is really great, try to do your best so that we could be proud of you.

Where can I find more information about Cosplay Champions?
Further information can be found at:


I have more questions, who can I contact?
If you have questions or want a reassurance that your cosplay complies with the rules, you can contact me on e-mail: cosplay.csas@gmail.com

DEADLINE: 18.9.2023

CONTACT: cosplay.csas@gmail.com

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