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KPOP World Festival - CS2023

DEADLINE: 18.9.2023

CONTACT: kpop.csas@gmail.com

KPOP World Festival - Slovenská kvalifikácia

KPOP World Festival is an international competition organised by Korean government with worlds finals held in Korea. The qualifier for Slovakia is being held at AnimeSHOW.

The application forms including video footage must be sent to our registration email latest until the deadline (see above)
Registration email: kpop.csas@gmail.com
Application form: DOWNLOAD

Terms and Conditions
- Competitors must be citizens of the Slovak Republic
- Competitors must be able to travel in case of promotion. The passport must not have reached its expiration date during the period of travel.
- The competition is without age restriction.
- In case the contestants have not reached the age of 18, they must have a signed consent to travel abroad by a legal guardian.

General information:
- The main round will take place on 26.03.2023 at ANIMESHOW.
- The contestants will be judged by a jury of three members (may change based on the organizers).
- In the main round, the jury will select one advancing team or individual from each category (may change based on KBS rules).
- Change of rules is reserved to K - LIFE Slovakia Team.

- A song can be between 3 and 6 minutes long.
- A song cannot be a mix/mash up of different or the same songs (only one song) and cannot contain an intro or cannot contain an intro, or additional self produced choreography.
- A song cannot contain swearing or other offensive language.
- Contestants may not use props in the form of liquids, explosives, pyrotechnics, glitter or other forms that may damage or stain the stage.
- Acrobatic tricks are allowed, but the organizing team is not responsible for any caused injuries.
- A competitor may enter only once in one of the categories.

- Number of participants per team is not limited..

VOCAL Category:
- Number of participants per team is not limited.
- Singer can be accompanied by 2 back up dancers.

PERFORMANCE evaluation:
- 40% Choreography (assembly, uniformity)
- 30% Technique
- 30% Stage charisma
(Rating may change based on KBS rules)

VOCAL evaluation:
- 50% Vocal power
- 20% Expression, Pronunciation
- 30% Stage charisma
* It is possible that the vocal category will not be included based on KBS rules.

* Changes to the rules are reserved by the K - LIFE Slovakia organizing team
* In case Slovakia is not selected among the countries that will participate in the KWF, this contest will be changed to Kpop Contest.

DEADLINE: 18.9.2023

CONTACT: kpop.csas@gmail.com

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