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AnimeS Cosplay World Stars - AS2024

UZÁVIERKA: 11.3.2024

KONTAKT: cosplay.csas@gmail.com

Qualification Rules

1. Duo or Trio must be 18 years of age by the day of the finals to be held at AnimeS World Stars 2024.
2. Participants must have Slovak citizenship and/or permanent address in the territory of the Republic of Slovakia.
3. Participants must have a valid passport or identity card at the final. The ACWS declines all responsibility in case of non-compliance of the documents.
4. Minimum skit time is 5 minutes and maximum 8 minutes.
5. Judging is 40% costume / 60% skit.
6. Participants must be ready to pre-judge when called on the day of qualifying.
- 6.1. More than one character may be cosplayed. But they will not be pre-judged by the jury. These costumes may also be purchased.
7. Costumes must be from Comic, Game, Book, Animation, Manga, Anime, Movie, TV Series, Musical or Fan Art by well-known artists (Sakizou, Hannah Alexander, etc).
8. Judging - Costumes must be made to a minimum of 80% by the participant.
9. The team can cosplay additional characters, but the jury will pre-judge only the main characters of the skit.
10. Decorations to a minimum of 70% percent. If there is help in making the costumes and decorations, it should be shared with the organizers. If this information is hidden and is found out, you will be disqualified.
11. 3D printer is allowed if the model is made by the participant. It is necessary to explain in portfolio. If this information is hidden and found out, will be disqualified.
12. Makeup and wig styling must be done by the participant.
13. A plainer costume with better craftsmanship has a better score than a more massive costume with poor workmanship.
14. Participants need to submit at least two full-length character photos. These photos will be used, by the jury at the preliminary costume judging.
15. The two or three participants must be from the same title or universe (Marvel, DC, Dragon Ball, etc.). Also the characters can be from a different timeline or never meeting in the story).
16. Costumes that have won qualifiers or participated in international finals will not be allowed. The costumes for the final may be the same as the one worn when qualifying for ACWS.
17. Participants need to send a high-resolution video file of your performance (a youtube link is acceptable).
18. If there is speech in the video file other than English, participants need to include subtitles in the above language.
19. Participants will not be allowed microphones during the skit.
20. Throwing things into the audience as well as using fire, pyrotechnics, dry ice, blades, metal weapons, etc. are prohibited.
21. The use of K-Pop and Pop Folk songs in the performances is prohibited. Exceptions are official K-Pop songs of KDA type.
22. It is the job of the ninjas to set up the stage set and props. They may also pass or take props from the contestant. They are not allowed to participate in your performance.
23. The AnimeShow or AnimeS staff reserve the right to disqualify a participant and not allow them to perform on stage if they deem the costume(s) or skit to be excessively vulgar and/or obscene in their opinion.
24. Each group is allowed one helper.
25. Entry deadline 11.03.2023 by 11:59:59 PM. IMPORTANT! Portfolio with costume progress must be sent at the time of entry (It is mandatory to have at least 60% process in the portfolio. On the day of Judging 10.06.23 you must bring it to show the jury).
26. Costumes and/or performances of a racist, misogynistic, pornographic, homophobic or extremely violent nature are prohibited.
27. If cosplaying Idol anime and the like where there is music and dancing (Love Live, Vocaloid, etc.) and if there is dancing lip-syncing to songs, the maximum duration of this portion should be up to 30 seconds.
28. All scenery will be stored in a designated area near the stage. It is forbidden to bring and/or repair scenery into the dressing rooms.

Presentation of the contest :
- AnimeS Cosplay World Stars or ACWS for short is a an international cosplay contest in which teams will consist of two or three people will compete
- The unique part of the contest is the duration of the skits. The minimum is to be 5 minutes and the maximum to be 8 minutes
- ACWS is planned to have its first edition in June 2024 in Sofia, Bulgaria during the AnimeS World Stars convention. Dates will be confirmed closer to the event time.
- The proposed schedule for participating teams is as follows:
- Teams must arrive on Thursday.
- Friday is a tour of the city. Intro video recording and rehearsals are set to happen in the evening.
- Saturday the teams will have a Showcase on Stage and afterwards enjoy the convention.
- The Championship will be set on Sunday.
- Departure will be on Monday
- The hotel will be booked for the teams. Check in on Thursday and check out on Monday. Meals for Friday are not confirmed at this point in time (Lunch and Dinner for Friday). For Saturday and Sunday, food and drinks will be provided at the event venue.
- The main prizes are as follows: (Prizes are TBA)
- Grand Champion
- Second Place
- Third Place.
- Special prizes will be awarded as well. Expect big prizes from our Sponsor CosplayShop.be

Authorized categories:
- Anime / manga
- Video games
- Comics books
- Series / films
- Animated films and series
- Musicals
- Illustrations/Fan art by known artists (Hannah Alexander, Sakizou, Picolo, etc.)
** For further clarification on which series are able to be presented, please refer to your respective organizers.

Rating criteria
- The complexity of the overall costume and props
- Choice of the materials and technique
- Construction of the costume and details
- Similarity between the costume and the reference image
- Overall originality (character choice and skit)
- Understanding of the skit
- Roleplay of the character
- The rating criteria will be 40% for the costume and 60% for the performance.

Stage props
- The props must be easily transportable by the organizing team.For stage props to be considered bulky, the specifications of stage props have a maximum size is 2x2m and/or whose weight exceeds 15kg. The number of bulky props is limited to 3 pieces per skit.(We will inform you ahead of time if the props have to beat a maximum of 2 pieces per team.)
- The participant can show their stage props to the jury, according to whether it is a personal creation (props, decor, etc.).
- It is the participant’s responsibility to bring their props to the final.
- It is not possible to send by mail the props. The organization of AnimeS World Stars cannot store the material of the participants.
- Pay attention to the maximum size of the luggage according to airline specifications. The organization of AnimeS World Stars will not be compensating participants for excess/oversize/overweight baggage fees.
- (Check with the travel/airline companies and your organizer for further clarification on baggage restrictions.)

- Hazardous Objects: Knives, firearms, incendiary weapons, flammable liquids, typical fireworks producing flames and/or sparks, etc...
- Any product that may cause the scene or room to become dirty or deteriorate:(We will inform you in time what you can’t use. We are moving to a new and bigger venue so we have to check it )
- Purchased costumes: Competition costumes must, of course, be handmade. Third-party assistance is permitted, but purchased costumes and so-called closets are strictly prohibited. We therefore ask that the costume be handmade by the person who will wear it (at least 70% of the work.)
- Unless perfectly mastered, dangerous and/or acrobatic moves are prohibited. In the event of an accident, the organizer will not be held responsible. The competition scene is neither prepared nor dedicated to this kind of activity.
- We would like to remind participants that AnimeS World Stars is a family event and therefore children would be present in the room. Be careful to take it into account by censoring coarse words by means of a sound effect for example.

Rights to one’s image
- By entering this contest, the participants accept any exploitation of their image in a photographic, film or audio. In addition, the cosplayers give permission to use their image for promotional purposes of the contest in the future and undertake not to ask for compensation.

UZÁVIERKA: 11.3.2024

KONTAKT: cosplay.csas@gmail.com

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